Flexiwaste was formed in 2012 to meet what is a gap in the market for two key areas; transparency/honesty in pricing, and a clearly visible duty of care for waste transfers.

Very few liquid waste management contractors if any can provide to their customers a clear pricing structure, which for the customer is incredibly frustrating. Often the actual invoiced amount from the contractor ends up being significantly higher than the price quoted.

This happens routinely and is usually for two reasons:

Firstly the job is quoted low on minimum hire and disposal values with a caveat for extras built in. This enables the contractor to win a job, but often ends up in acrimony. This is because the waste disposal volumes/costs end up being significantly higher and additional hours grossly inflate the true cost of the job.

The second most common reason for perceived overcharging is because the person who has quoted the work has not asked the right questions. This is easily solved by asking a few key questions that enable an experienced manager to ascertain how to do the task and what asset is most appropriate for a cost effective solution.

At Flexiwaste we believe in honesty and integrity above all else. We can provide scanned copies of duty of care notes and weighbridge tickets for proof of correct disposal. If we take on a job and realise it is likely to exceed the estimated values quoted we will inform you immediately. We can even provide mileage distance travelled for environmentally conscious customers who are keen to record and reduce their carbon footprint.

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